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It includes:


-Doggo Bake For Beginners! Book One (20 Dog Breeds)

-Doggo Bake For Beginners! Book Two (20 Dog Breeds)

-Doggo Bake For Beginners! Book Three (20 Dog Breeds)

-Four 2 Oz. (57 g) Sculpey® III Polymer Clay

-The Original Super Glue® Clear Gel 0.07 oz (2 g)

-A piece of card

-One Paint Brush

-Baby Oil and Vial

-Recycled Plastic Oil Dish

-10 Pieces of Toothpicks

-One Wooden Stick Tool

-Four Plastic Beads

-Assorted Color of Yarn

-Disposable Apron

-Doggo Bake Mailer Box


These books were authored, designed and published by our very own artist, Joan Cabarrus.

Doggo Bake Starter Kit with Books 1, 2, and 3 (Free Shipping)