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Learn how to create a Scottish Terrier polymer clay sculpture with our DoggoBake sculpting starter kit! The tutorial included in the kit will show you step-by-step instructions with pictures and words. 


This kit includes:


-Three 2 Oz. (57 g) Sculpey® III  Polymer Clay

-Baby Oil and the Vial 

-Antique Gold Pigment

-10 Pcs. Toothpicks

-One Paint Brush

-One Wooden Stick Tool

-Recycled Mini Plastic Oil Dish

-Black Yarns

-Bazic® Products 1 g / 0.036 Oz Super Glue Clear Gel, Single-Use

-Disposable Apron

-Four Plastic Beads

-Printed Tutorial 


The tutorial in this starter kit was authored, designed by our very own artist, Joan Cabarrus.

Scottish Terrier Dog Sculpting Starter Kit (Free Shipping)

  • We value resourcefulness and want to cultivate that to our consumers. The amount of each item included in this kit is enough to use to create a Scottish Terrier dog sculpture. Please use the supplies sparingly to avoid waste and be creative on using any leftover supplies to add any extra decoration or improvisation to the sculpture.