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Every Friday at 10 am Mountain Time / January 2021 - 2022

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Hi there! I am Joan Cabarrus. Join me as I sculpt many wonderful dogs (and cats, too) in my little art studio treehouse. Oh, and meet my boy, Pitri the French Bulldog, too.

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I shoot and edit all the videos and compose all the music played in them. Numerous talented voice actors help our dogs come to life.

Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoy our animal stories as much as we do.

Youtube Channel:  Joan Cabarrus - The Singing Sculptor

Pitri The French Bulldog
Meet my boy, Pitri!
Animal Activisto
The Grandaughter
The Bizman
Naughty Kid
Nasty Gal
The Doubter
Piano Teacher
The Jeweler
Birthday Boy
Log Gal
The Butcher
Frozen One
The Genius
The Loner
Ms. Insecurity
The Gossiper
The Janitor
The Hardworker
Shy Guy
The Traveller
The Hunk
The Hopeless
Playful Gal
Mr. Confidence
Party Gal
Piano Student
Mr. Lazy
Ms. Fashionista
Boy Hobby
The Suprano
The Muscle Man
Mr. Cocky
The Sleepy
The Whiner
The Soda Gal
The Generous
The Visionary
The Diabetic
The Herder
The Mom
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