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What is Doggo Bake?

The Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures product line was created to offer everyone educational, entertaining, and creative sculpting digital tutorials, sculpting books as well as custom handmade dogs and pet sculptures. Doggo Bake uses dogs, cats and other animals as subjects, with sculpting methods that promote resourcefulness and creativity. We use polymer clay and preserve the sculptures by baking.

Adult guidance is advised as many sculpting tutorials encourage the use of an oven and sharp tools such as scissors. Most of our tutorials cultivate the use of recycled materials that you can typically find at home. 

Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures is a product line of JFCRN Limited Company, founded by Joan Cabarrus. The artist's mission is to encourage beginner crafters, animal lovers, art lovers, and hobbyists to give sculpting a try and to provide the materials and education they need to do so. 
DoggoBake Animal Sculptures

The Artist

Joan Cabarrus, The Singing Sculptor

To know more about the artist-author, please visit her website on

Joan Cabarrus taught herself to sculpt while working as a geriatric/skilled nursing facility (SNF) nurse. She began sculpting in February 2018. This sparked something in Joan, and she soon realized a new purpose as an artist: creating customized sculptures for those grieving the loss of a pet. Now, Joan uses her talents to encourage creativity, resourcefulness, courage, and compassion towards dogs and cats through her sculpting tutorials, published books, and other creative handmade products. She founded JFCRN Limited Company and created a sculpting product line, Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures. ("JFCRN" is derived from her initials and pays tribute to her time helping others as a registered nurse.)

Joan's video production showcases a variety of sculpting processes and explorations and bridges the gap between sculpture and music, which she creates in her leisure time. You can find her videos, as well as episodes of her entertaining web show, The Doggo Bake Show on Youtube.

She now conducts sculpting workshops in the local community in one-to-one private sessions or a special event group class.  Students who have experienced her sculpting classes left feeling inspired and in awe of something unique and "not traditional"—something you would not normally experience in common art spaces. She is inviting you to check out her work and teaching services. She is happy to collaborate with you!


Cultivate creativity, resourcefulness, time management, courage, and compassion for dogs, cats, and other animals through sculpting and art that is accessible to everyone. 

Joan Cabarrus - JFCRN - The Singing Sculptor


To know more about Joan's custom pet sculptures, please visit her website on

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