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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here, we answer the most common questions about our services and products. If you cannot find the information you are looking for,
contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If this page does not load properly, please refresh the page.

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Are the materials you use safe?
                Answer: Polymer clay is our preferred medium of choice. This moldable medium is made of non-toxic plastic ingredients and fillers. It is safe to touch with bare skin, though you should not let it come into contact with food or food utensils. If you choose to use any kitchen supplies (e.g., a knife to slice the clay, a fork for texturing, a baking dish, or a pan as a baking platform), we recommend that you use those tools for sculpting and store them away from your kitchen.

What are the recommended ages and skill levels for the Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures digital products? 
                Answer: Children as young as 8 years can create polymer clay sculptures with adult supervision and guidance. If the sculpture will be preserved by curing (baking), an adult who can properly and safely operate the oven, follow instructions, and comply with all safety warnings must perform all tasks involving a conventional or toaster oven. Adult supervision is also mandatory for sculptures that include viscous cyanoacrylate for adhesion (i.e., Super Glue) or the use of sharp tools (e.g., scissors). Artists age 13 years and older can safely follow our sculpting tutorials if they know how to properly operate an oven, use adhesives and sharp tools, and safely follow all instructions. 

What type of polymer clay do you use?
                Answer: We prefer to use the Sculpey® Polyform polymer clay products for all our tutorials and products. The texture and consistency of each polymer clay we use depend on the type of project. We use Sculpey III for beginner tutorials and products that require smearing effects. We use Sculpey Premo Accents for animal jewelry. We use a combination of Sculpey Original, Firm, and Medium blends for full-figure commissioned sculptures.

How much polymer clay do I need for one sculpture? 
                Answer: Our sculpting tutorials specify the amounts and measurements needed to create each sculpture. If you want to create an animal sculpture of a different size than specified, refer to the package insert of the polymer clay brand of your choice for instructions.

Do I need to use a designated oven only for polymer clay? 
                Answer: No. Polymer clay is safe to bake (cure) in the same oven you use for baking food. However, you should regularly clean your oven and follow all instructions for the specific brand of polymer clay that you use. Burning clay may release fumes or hydrochloride gas, which may cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. As a rule of thumb, polymer clay is safe to cure at 250°-275°F, depending on its thickness, and can be rebaked multiple times. To avoid burning the polymer clay, always place uncured sculptures away from the heating elements, use a baking platform to prevent the clay from falling to the bottom of the oven, and immediately remove any pieces that fall off the platform.

How do your products and services cultivate resourcefulness
                Answer: We want to provide affordable handmade products and sculpting projects that you can learn and create at home. We are always looking for ways to apply simple innovations to the supplies and tools that we encourage you to use in our tutorials. This might involve teaching you to use home tools or recycled materials. The methods and techniques that we formulate involve shortcuts and skills to help you bypass lengthy steps while still achieving outstanding results. In these ways, we help you cultivate resourcefulness and save both time and money while gaining fun crafting activities for you, your friends, and your family.

Can I preorder products if they are currently out of stock? 
                Answer:  Yes. This will depend on the artist's availability. The preordering option will be specified in each product description and this may change periodically depending on the artist's availability. Email us at to discuss bulk product ideas or be included on the waitlist for commissions.

Do you offer custom animal sculpture services
                Answer: Yes.  Please visit the artist's website ( for more information or email

Would you donate or participate in our animal fundraising event
                Answer: We love to help animal shelters and organizations that support animal welfare! Although we can't contribute to every cause (as much as we wish we could), we do participate in at least one effort each year. Please understand that our products and services are mostly handmade (i.e., extremely time-intensive), so inquiries go through a detailed review. We require proof of the fundraising event and a signed agreement of conditions before we can commit to helping your cause. For inquiries, email

Who assembles your products? 
                Answer: The artist and her affiliates create and gather the physical products. The artist creates and publishes the sculpting book tutorials and digital products.

Do you sell your books individually on this website?
                   Answer: No, they are available through numerous book retailers worldwide. We encourage you to purchase them through This is where our books get printed. This will help us receive the highest profit for each book and it will eliminate the unnecessary cost of middlemen. You may contact the artist to order physical copies with a personal note and a signature if the artist has physical copies in our inventory. Thank you for your support!

How can I buy your books in bulk?
                  Answer: Contact us or purchase them directly from our book printer and bookshop, For wholesale distribution for your physical store, inquire on INGRAM Content Group website, click here.

Are you affiliated with other brands?
                 Answer: The artist, Joan Cabarrus, JFCRN Limited Company, and the Doggo Bake Animal Sculptures product line are not affiliated with Sculpey or any other brands.

How can I pay for your products?
                Answer: We accept payments via credit card or debit card through WIX Payments, or you may use Paypal. Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

What are your shipping, return, and refund policy?
                Answer: Please see our Shipping Policy and our Return and Refund Policy for information. 

Do you keep my information private?
                    Answer: Please see our Privacy Policy for information. about how we manage your information and privacy.

What are your terms of use?
                    Answer: Please see our Terms of Use for information.

How can I keep track of my order? 
                       Answer: When ordering digital products, you will instantly receive a link or code to access your product. When you order a custom commission piece or any physical product from the artist, you will receive a tracking number. You can use this number to look up the shipment status of your package. 

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